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50th Anniversary

February 15, 2019, marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo Fire Equipment Company which was founded in 1969 in Clinton Township, Michigan, by Benjamin (Bud) Konupek.

In the beginning, the company had a twofold mission:  Fire Extinguisher sales and recharging services & to provide a complete line of fire equipment supplies to municipal fire departments.

Two of the early product lines that were represented were MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES (SCBA breathing apparatus) and AKRON BRASS (nozzles, monitors and adaptors).  It should be noted that APOLLO continues to represent both of these companies which encompasses a 50 year relationship.

In December of 1979, Bud’s son, Robert, (Bob), joined Apollo to assist in growing the business.  In 1982, Apollo moved its offices to Utica, Michigan, and resided there until moving in 1990, to their present location in Romeo, Michigan.

Over the years, the company’s focus shifted from recharging fire extinguishers to representing and selling the SUTPHEN FIRE TRUCK LINE (1982- present).  The fire truck line proved to be a natural complement to the municipal fire equipment line which includes products such as turnout gear, fire hose, breathing apparatus, extrication equipment, ladders, foams, encapsulating products, just to name a few.

Throughout these changes and additions, our mission statement has remained unchanged:  TO REPRESENT THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT LINE AND PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO THE END USER  (customer driven service organization).

The move to Romeo in 1990 was predicated by the need to create a service center to support the fire truck line.  Thus, Apollo Fire Apparatus Repair (AFAR) was established as a support to the parent company, Apollo Fire Equipment (AFE), in order to service what the company sells.

Today, AFAR services all different brands of fire trucks along with repairs to MSA SCBAs, Hurst Jaws of Life, fire department saws and fans.  AFAR also has the ability to repair and refurbish existing fire trucks.

Together, both companies are proud of our customer driven philosophy and our heritage as WE ARE PROUD TO SERVE THE BRAVEST SINCE 1969!